Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Essay: What is a Success?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the well-known word 'success'? Some people believe that success is money and career. Others say that success is health and family. One can say that success is happiness. Naturally, the concept of success is very controversial and vague. It is impossible to define the meaning of success precisely. However, I will try to observe this issue from different sides in order to find the closest definition of this term.

It is possible to say that a successful person is the person who has reached her goal. When you dream about something and obtain it, you believe that it is a success. Success is closely connected with happiness, because when your dreams come true, you are happy. On the other hand, it is a mistake to claim that success means happiness, because very often, successful people are unhappy. Consequently, this term has its objective and subjective sides.

When we speak about the objective meaning of success, we understand that someone has reached his goal. For example, when one has got married and started his own family, he is happy. When one has bought a new car, he is also happy and successful. When one has earned much money, he is successful, because he is able to spend this money in the way he wants. Therefore, a successful person is the person who is able to take advantage of the results of her activity. The general understanding of success is a very simple. A successful person should have a good job, a perfect family and interesting pastime. When a person can afford material and spiritual benefits, she is successful.

A subjective side of success is very controversial. Everyone has his own understanding of success and happiness. There are cases when a successful person is unhappy. In this case, we can speak about the overestimation of the material benefits. Many people think that success is money. When you have built your successful career, you become rich. You can afford many material benefits. At the same time, you gain many responsibilities and you do not have time for your family and leisure. You ought to spend much time at the workplace and work hard for the development of your company. You become dependable on your job. You possess money and reputation, but you cannot take advantage of these strong sides. Consequently, spiritual benefits are no less important. Of course, career is associated with success. Many businesspersons build their careers and they enjoy their life. They enjoy devoting their entire time to their job. They like to communicate with their colleagues and discuss the latest relevant issues. Such people are active and successful. They know how to use the strong sides of their career properly. Doubtless, many rich people are successful from the point of view of the material benefits. Unfortunately, such people are not successful spiritually. When one devotes much time to his job, he forgets about his family. As a result, this person suffers from the lack of love and understanding. No wonder, some rich men lose their wives and do not establish parental ties with their children. They are successful but lonely.

In conclusion, success is a broad and controversial issue. It is impossible to find the single definition of this term, because everyone has his own understanding of success. I will say that one can explain the meaning of this word in two ways. Firstly, it is the objective happiness. Secondly, it is the possession of money, job, reputation and social status.

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