Friday, October 9, 2015

Essay: What Role Will Robots Play in Our Future?

Have you ever thought about the role of robots in our everyday life? It is impossible to exaggerate their influence on the wellbeing and quality of life of humanity. A robot is a machine that possesses artificial intelligence. In simple words, a robot is able to understand commands and fulfill its duties effectively. Of course, there are robots that understand different languages, recognize objects and sounds to fulfill various specific operations. Naturally, different types of robots have already existed for several decades. However, modern robots possess complicated structure and their functions are unlimited.

The most primitive robots can be found at every factory and plant. These robots serve like huge and powerful tools. They can process solid materials, like metal or wood and shape them according to the algorithm. Such robots are used to fulfill monotonous work. It is hard for a human being to repeat the same action for dozens of times every day.

Obviously, it is not a problem for a robot. A machine is able to work from morning till night without exhaustion and failures. It is possible to say that a robot is the engine of capitalism and mass production, because a robot is able to substitute ten people, who will waste more time and energy for the production of a single object. Robots save time, energy and space. An entrepreneur does not have to rent a big building if he wants to found a small plant. He can install several robots that will not require such places as a restroom or a canteen for their work. He will not need to hire a big crowd of employees, because several robots will conduct the same amount of work faster. Consequently, the profit is higher.

Unfortunately, it is possible to speak about disadvantages of robots. When entrepreneurs cut the quantity of their employees, the problem of unemployment appears. Many people lose their job and their quality of life reduces. This problem is quite urgent and its best solution is a compromise. Entrepreneurs should agree to avoid complete robotization of their factories and plants. They should permit human beings to conduct at least 50 percent of work.

Moreover, every robot should be controlled by a human being to maintain the quality of production.

When we speak about the role of robots in future, we should say that their role will definitely increase. Due to the current inventions of modern engineers a robot has received artificial intelligence. Robots can think and react to the changes of natural environment. There are robots, which understand languages and work as translators. Then, there are robots that help physicists conduct complicated medical surgery. There are robots that are able to work in extreme environment. 

For example, there are robots that can survive extremely low and high temperatures and work under water and in outer space. Robots will help us explore other planets and improve our knowledge about the Universe. There are projects dedicated to the creation of very small robots that will be inserted into the human body to maintain human health in its good working order. These small robots will be able to kill viruses and eliminate all threats to the human health. Unfortunately, engineers do not know how to create robots, which will imitate human behavior. It is impossible to make a robot possess a set of emotions now, but engineers are working hard to let robots think and feel in the same way as people do.

In conclusion, one can say that robots will play a dominant role in our life. We will have robots for hard work, education and entertainment.

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