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Essay on Leaders

Essay about Leaders

It’s incredible! One of the most notorious leaders the world has seen, Moamar Khadafi, is facing an internal rebellion and has just learned that the world is ready to take military action against him and his corrupt regime. One of the largest economies in the world, the leader in technology, innovation, medicine, education and countless other fields is facing a catastrophe of biblical proportions. After being hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, Japan currently faces a number of melting nuclear reactors. This situation has the potential to turn parts of Japan into something worse than Chernobyl, Ukraine of 1986, which is still uninhabitable. So, where is the world going and where do I see myself and humanity in the next five, ten, fifteen years and beyond?

Based on what history shows us, there has been conflict and internal strife within societies, communities, city- and nation-states. It has been an inevitable part of our existence, the constant warfare and bloodshed. Obviously some societies have seen less than others, but all in all, humanity has yet to cleanse itself of the need to harm itself. In essence the serious conflicts started when the hunter-gatherer tribes began settling into what would eventually become cities. Thus, territorial and resource conflicts prevailed, paving the way for male-dominated societies.  (Watson 2006) But there is hope. Since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment periods, humanity has learned again how to heal, much more than it learned how to kill. The evidence is in the population boom that is currently threatening the status quo of our planet. The greater need for resources and energy is pushing us to the limit. Nevertheless, we are more than capable of overcoming this.

In the past societies have encountered great obstacles, and have overcome them. The future does seem promising, although it might appear bleak to some. Great technological strides have been made in the fields of renewable energy, medicine and the sciences in general. The Western World has moved out of the Industrial Age and is slowly, but surely, progressing into the age of ideas. One of the leaders in predicting the future of science, Dr. Michio Kaku usually gives us an optimistic picture of the future. The great advances, previously mentioned, currently include invisibility cloaks, the ability to utilize the energy of the Sun very efficiently, as well as creating a new sphere of information sharing through teleportation.  (NPR Staff 2010)

Of course, it would be very cool to beam yourself from San Francisco to New York in a matter of seconds, but most importantly is that technology is paving the way for us to sustain ourselves on this planet, as well as save lives like never before imaginable. Scientists are in the process of creating devices that will build human organs from stem cells. Imagine, a person needing a new heart, can have it made within a matter of days, thus prolonging his life. But like always, we have great obstacles ahead of us, with wars, natural and manmade disasters, famine, diseases and much more. 

That is unfortunately inevitable, yet analyzing the past, we can also see that there is great hope in humanity, that we have overcame many impossible feats, and although we will stumble again, we will propel ourselves into a brave new world where the true utopian ideals will take shape.
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