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Essay on Business Marketing

Essay on Business Marketing

Originally Canadian agricultural enterprise Agrium, world’s third large company in the industry (Pugh, 2010), is a wholesale producer of main agricultural nutrients working through a network of retail distributors in the world market, emphasizing primarily on North and South America (Agrium Inc, 2011). The strategy of the company lies in the integrated solutions for the whole production process – from extracting the raw materials to coming up with the ready-made product. Agrium uses own certified technologies increasing the efficiency of the products and dividing the company into three business units, which develop production facilities, sales, and technological innovations. The company now expands into Africa, Asia, and Australia by acquisitions of local companies in the same sector (Pugh, 2010) and building plants for its own production (Donville, 2011). The company reacts to the global competition from the strategic perspective and is making positive contributions from the governmental perspective by investing into the economies of foreign countries.


Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., or PotashCorp, is the multinational company from Canada, the leader in the fertilizer industry, the competitor of Agrium. In Canada, the company is in the 100 Top local businesses, so it is recognized from the governmental perspective as a valuable employer and appreciated business. Potash is the main product and the focus of company’s business. The global presence is provided due to the operations in North and South Americas, Middle East, and Asia (PotashCorp, 2011). The strategy is based on the unique relationships with the stakeholders who are the consumers of the company’s products at the same time. PotashCorp emphasizes on the environmental approach in regard to all humanity and the planet identifying itself one of the key enterprises in promoting the world agricultural business, the main source of food on the planet.

BHP Billiton, an Australian company with headquarters in London, Great Britain, is a portfolio business in the field of mining and procession of natural resources around the world (PotashCorp, 2011). Its core business sectors are tightly connected with aluminium and other metals, diamonds, ore, coal and many others. Their strategy is supported by the two marketing hubs in Europe and Asia, based on geographic and product diversification, and seeks for business broadening and production site expansion (Taylor, 2010). That’s why in 2010, the company made a bid for the acquisition of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Having own potash development sites, BHP Billiton has seen a challenge in the expansion into the fast-growing industry of potash and crop nutrients.

Therefore, the strategy of BHP Billiton at present incorporates the purchase of the successful existing businesses, which is affordable for the company of such sizes. Similar acquisition can considerably maximize the profits and introduce the company into the new phase of relationships with the stakeholders, especially the governmental bodies. However, the bid is reported to be rejected by PotashCorp, which feels itself as a strong player in the market, and this means that BHP Billiton has to look for other opportunities in expanding into the relatively new sphere. The example of such giant as BHP Billiton proves the powerfulness of multinational corporations and its considerable impact on private businesses and government.
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