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Adapting a Writing Style

Adapting to your audience is a crucial writing skill for one who wishes to reach a broad and general audience or introduce a new concept. Sentence structure, sentence length, and vocabulary must be accounted for when writing about a technical or specific subject in order for the audience to understand it. This paper will analyze a particular article and apply these principles in order to exemplify the adaptation process. The article chosen is an online instructional reference entitled “SEO 101: Getting High Google Placement”. The piece is a 12 page how-to guide for website owners who wish to promote their website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. Although the tutorial is tailored towards beginners more so than experts, there is still a overwhelming of computer jargon and acronyms that can be confusing for some people.

In this article, there are many terms and concepts that are introduced from scratch, which ensures that the reader will not have too much trouble understanding them. The main issue with this article is the presence of technical vocabulary describing concepts related to Internet practices and computer code such as HTML, Javascript and Flash. The assumption that all website owners are familiar with computer programming codes such as HTML is the first piece of evidence that indicates that some changes should be made.

On the first page of this article, the author makes reference to “ tags”. As a website programmer, this may be obvious. However, for a beginner or an investor who is not familiar with computer language, this concept is completely abstract. In order to make this more comprehensive for the general audience, the author should describe or define the purpose o TITLE tags in a website before mentioning it. This issue reoccurs throughout the article when the author makes reference to META tags and A HREF links. A short introduction to these codes should be made before mentioning them throughout the article. Other terms such as ‘dead links’, ‘page weight’, and ‘dedicated IP address’ are not explained.

Article Structure
This article contains a lot of general yet useful information about SEO practices. Although it is broken down into 12 parts, the beginner may find it hard to find the information he or she requires. It would be helpful to change the table of contents to include numbering system, in order to provide a more comprehensive presentation of the different sections and subsections of the paper. Furthermore, the structure of the sentences is a little scattered, as there is little utilization of paragraphs.

The article chosen is directed at a general audience, which makes this analysis a little more interesting in terms of identifying aspects that could be improved upon in the aim of adapting to a general audience. The author demonstrates suitable sentence length, providing short and easy to read sentences. The author also does a satisfactory job of explaining most of the concepts throughout and providing definitions for terms. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement through adjustments, such as more detailed introductions of technical concepts and less use of computer jargon.
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