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Online Education Essay

Online Education Essay

In recent history, an online education has become incredibly useful for the busy professional to obtain a degree. It is extremely convenient, practical, and makes sense for those who can’t obtain a degree the traditional way of sitting in a classroom. The popularity of obtaining an education online has grown considerably in the last several years, and is being utilized by many, not just for the convenience of it. Some are enrolling online because of a desire to be a part of a program that is not offered in their area. Others want to participate online in order to reduce their commute and work from home. Whatever the reason, people are finding out that an online education is very practical and is a sound option to further their education. .

According to Rome Neal, “the online student population is expanding by 30 percent a year, with over 75 percent of traditional colleges and universities getting into the market” (Neal). With the Internet, online educations have become a valuable option for individuals who may not be able to enroll full-time in a traditional university. Approximately 4 million students are involved with online coursework at colleges and universities in the United States.

In our increasingly connected world, an online education will only continue to expand. It is becoming the way to learn and obtain a higher education mostly on your own terms and time schedule.

Before, if a person wanted a college education they had to switch residence or commute to campus, cut hours at work, or even put careers to the side entirely. “Online education offers the same quality education, the same courses, and the same degrees as traditional education, but in a more convenient setting” (Whitaker).In addition to being more convenient, an online education is also more flexible than traditional classes, especially for students who are working. You are able to regulate your courses, complete work, and necessary school correspondence around your personal schedule. You are able to study when you want and anywhere you want. The flexibility allows you to maintain your priorities while still earning a college degree.

An online education provides many benefits, but some disadvantages as well. “A major disadvantage is the lack of interaction” (Londrie). Even though students have an option to interact with their tutors and instructors through emails, discussion forums, and instant messaging, an individual still can’t hear questions and discussions of other students at the time of the lecture itself. They are missing out on the interaction and live study sessions provided by a traditional instructor.

As described, online educations are a great option for people wanting to continue their learning career, but are not able to accommodate or cater to the traditional school. The choices that are available for people are increased due to not having to be in the vicinity of the school. People have an option of working at their own pace from anywhere. Many great reasons exist for completing a degree online, but unlike with traditional colleges, your interaction with professors and peers are limited to written form. This can be one of the biggest disadvantages of obtaining your degree online. It is up to the individual to decide if an online education is right for them.

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