Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Risk that Paid Off Essay

A Risk that Paid Off Essay

I heard people saying it before: “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something”, but I had never given much thought of how I would act when I faced the danger of failing myself. Until that day I was living a life so secure and predictable, I could not foresee the change so sudden and vital.


It was Tuesday evening, when my friend met me after school with the most exciting expression I have ever seen. “There is going to be a competition in the dance school this Friday. I have to take you there!”

I knew I could dance. I danced since I was 8. Everybody, including my little sister, who truly hated me, admitted that I had big talent and could have been a dancer for living. Still I did not take my friend’s words seriously. There was always a part of me telling: “I cannot make it because I am not good enough.”

I do not remember how exactly my friend made me do this. I just remember the fear paralyzing my whole body when I stepped up on the stage. I only remember myself thinking one thing: “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” And then I forced myself to dance. I danced like I have never danced before. My every move was filled with so much freedom and courage that I forgot all the anxiety I felt few minutes ago.

I remember when the music stopped; I could hear only the sound of my breathing in the room. The voice from the hall told me after a moment: “You have got a big talent, my child. Let’s see what we can do with it.”
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