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Essay on Epic Poetry

Essay on Epic Poetry

An epic poem has a universal appeal and there are many factors that make it that way. One such universal appeal the epic poem Beowolf has are the traits that were admired back in the Anglo-Saxon period when it was passed down as an oral tradition. Two other such factors that make it an epic poem are the lofty language used, and the supernatural element given to the story.

One such factor that makes Beowolf an epic was how it exemplified the traits that were admired. A trait that was well respected by the people in the time of Beowolf were the leadership abilities of the leader. An example of this can be found on lines 450 to 467 in which it states, "Hrothgar, Oh knowing king, now when my danger is near, the warm words we uttered, and if your enemy should end my life then be, oh generous prince, forever the father and protector of all whom I leave behind me". In those lines Beowolf exemplifies his leadership abilities by asking Hrothgar to look after his men if he should fall. This trait was very admirable in the times of the Anglo-Saxon people, and can still be related to today.


Another such detail in an epic poem is the lofty language that is used. This lofty language is used to create a more dramatic affect in the story as it is being told. One such example of this can be found on lines 461 to 462, where it calls the king "a giver of rings". Lines such as this make a story a true epic as it heightens the language and dramatic effects of the story.

Lastly, one other detail that classifies Beowolf as an epic is the supernatural element given to the story. One event in the poem that can be classified as supernatural can be found on line 530 to 533 which states, "The he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy sword, hammered by giants, strong and blessed with their magic, the best of all weapons". In these brief lines it states how giants have made a sword and blessed it with their magic. This element of the story helps classify Beowolf as an epic in that it exemplified many of the beliefs held to that day. It also helps it survive the test of time by adding a more exciting feel to the story.

As one can see Beowolf can easily be classified as an epic. It is seen as such because it includes many elements of an epic. These elements include the admired traits of the time, the lofty language used, and the supernatural effect given to the story. Beowolf can also be seen as a great epic as it has survived the test of time, and will survive for generations to come.
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