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Short Essay on France

Small Essay about France

The Influence of France on the World
We all are already used to the fact that diplomats, politicians and historians constantly draw our attention to France. Many would wonder why this is so, because France does not seem to have remarkable territories, French language is widely spoken, though not more than many other European languages, as well as the political structure of France cannot serve as an example for imitation. However, the input of this country into the world’s culture, diplomacy, politics and history is purely outstanding. The following essay will introduce few of many such influences.


To begin with, even though many know that the English language was shaped over the centuries by Latin and German, few realize that French language had a great impact on the English language. In fact, around ten thousand French words are used today in modern English. What is even more interesting is that these words are used in every domain, from government and law to art and design. In addition to that, many French words were changed and adjusted for the English language, however their French origin is still recognized. Thus, the speakers of English language, de facto, have a big vocabulary of the French language.

Historically France had a great influence on eighteen century Russia. First of all, this influence was cultural. French was adopted as the language of conversation, this in its turn encouraged access to French literature. Furthermore, French educational methods were copied by the aristocracy and at the beginning of the nineteenth century the aristocracy preferred French language, French books, French food, and even French traditions over the Russian ones. Second of all, France has influenced Russia strongly in social and political fields. Catherine II was very much interested in French philosophers and tried to implement their ideas in Russia. Such ideas included making Russia more cultural and civilized and abolishing of serfage.

Finally, France is a well-established motherland of fashion, with Paris being the capital of world’s fashion. This country became the epicenter of world’s fashion already in the sixteenth century and managed to embed aptitude to fashion in the society. Even today with many other big fashion centers emerging around the world France continues to be a country famous for its chic and style. A country that had helped the world enjoy such brands as Among the many Parisian couture houses are Balmain, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, ChloĆ©, Pierre Cardin, and many more.

In conclusion it must be said that of course this essay mentioned only several examples of the influence of France on the world, there are still many more fascinating facts that were omitted. Lastly, I find it interesting to mention, that according to the survey carried out in the United States of America, France had the best reputation of the big nations, much better than the ones of Russia, Germany and China (BBC News). it can be said that such good reputation is brought about by understanding of the positive influence the country had on the world.
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