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The War in Iraq Essay

The War in Iraq Essay

1. Introduction
a. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
b. The following briefing is Persuasive/Decision Making Briefing. Proposal to end the war in Iraq.
c. The current state of the war does not meet the expectations of the anti-terrorist war, and has become a burden for the US society and economy.
d. Recommend the recall of the U.S. Army from the territory of Iraq and the enlargement of the Peace Corps.


2. Body
a. Current state of affairs.
The United States troops invaded Iraq in 2003, and we were persuaded that Iraq war is "the central front in the War on Terror". Five years passed, and there is no real evidence we have combated terrorism. Instead, we have more losses than one can imagine and the price we pay every day is unbelievably high.
b. Costs of the war.
Rough estimations state that this war costs the United States $275 million per day, which is somewhere around $4,100 per household. The financial cost of the war has been more than $498 billion to the U.S.
c. Reputation.
The reputation of the United States in the world has never been so low, as under the Iraq war period. The aggressive military policy and the ideas of world supremacy made even the U.S. partner countries reconsider the foreign policy and the relations between the states. We are losing both credit and the financial stability.
d. Human losses.
After the war began over 700,000 Iraqis were killed, and there are almost 4 million refugees worldwide. In the course of the war, over 4,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed, and more than 60,000 are wounded.

3. Conclusion
Terrorism can not be beaten by invasion, cruelty and killing civilians. We should stop the war in Iraq and bring our heroes still serving in Iraq back home safe, to their suffering mothers and beloved wives and children, until it is too late for each and every given soldier. We might provide the strong Peace Corps mission instead, the status of the war have strong negative effects on the reputation, society and economy of the United States.

The war in Iraq has exhausted potentialities and it should be over. We deserve peace and a change to get back to normal lives.
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