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Term Paper on Social Responsibility

Term Paper on Social Responsibility

What social responsibility should business leader take nowadays?
Social responsibility is property (feature) of personality’s character along with a sensitiveness, modesty, persistence, courage, generosity, pride etc. Personally responsibility is a character feature, acquired as a result of education and taking into account society moral norms. Social responsibility originates from implementation of official, domestic, civil, public and personal duties. It reflects personality’s inclination to conform in his conduct to the generally accepted social norms and his responsibility for the results of their execution. “Hippocratic Oath” can be the example of generally accepted social norms for doctors to patients. Social responsibility can be individual, group and public. It is indissolubly related to social initiatives realization with the framework the accepted social aims.


Social responsibility of leader is reflected in his decisions, formulating aims and their priorities, facilities and methods of decisions realization. It can be seen in the concrete matters of company and its leader, directed first of all on the help in creation of acceptable level life-support of the workers, their families and socially unscreened groups of population. This help can be realized in a direct or indirect way. In a direct kind this help can appear in form of free dinners; sales of commodities on the lowered prices; productions ecologically clean products; establishments quotas on the reception of unemployed persons, graduating students, invalids etc. The indirect ways can be consist in the eleemosynary payments, social initiatives support of other companies or state etc. In practice social responsibility very often is second in relation to company welfare in obedience to a motto: “At first succeeding and only then charity”.

It is possible to cite a lot of examples, when social care about workers, related to the certain costs, is generously repaid by the growth of profit and labor productivity. The prime example of this can be measures on the increase of daily rate of wages and shortening of shift duration on the Ford’s factories.

The efficient execution of all social responsibility orders as usual helps to the leader to gain the belief of people. It can begin the leader’s political career and all people who believe him are his potential voters. I think as future politician and social responsible person leader should follow several rules: honesty with his voters, law compliance and consider his rivals. Almost every day we see different political curious amusing incident and scandals in the political world. I think they are happened when people forget why they are there.

The integral part of each person life is family. As a rule its leader is a man. But if he leader in his work naturally he should be a leader in his family. He must take of it and show the example of decency, kindness and attention. Bad relationships in his family can influence on partners, competitors and society opinion. The public opinion is always important for the leader and his future career.

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