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Code of Ethics Essay

Code of Ethics Essay

Code of Ethics is said to be the code of professional responsibilities that discusses core values and principles of the organization. It also includes organizational mission, governance, grievance procedures, legal issues, evaluation and implementation. The content of the Code of Ethics vary from organization to the organization, but they all serve the common goal- establish high standards and ensure they are followed inside and outside the organization.

Kids Beating Cancer is a non-profit corporation, vision of which is to provide life-enhancing and life-saving services for children with leukemia, cancer, and other incompatible with life diseases. There are six key objectives that the corporate pursue, which include: to increase the amount of children that are able to obtain blood steam cells, marrow and cord blood transplants; to decrease the number of children hat should seek for transplants outside Central Florida; increase the awareness and education in community, as well as number of volunteers that are willing to donate and therefore increase number of saved children not in Central Florida only, but around the world; to increase the donor finding possibility for children by funding the testing for identification family donor and in case the family is not found; to start and implement individualized family centered donor campaigns; and finally to improve the ill child’s ability to cope with the disease, as well as ability of parents to cope with it by providing compassionate support, education, information, guidance, referral, advocacy, etc.


Code of ethics of the Kids Beating Cancer Corporation consists of Statement of Values and Code of Ethics. It is mentioned that Code of Ethics is built on a shared values that include: compassion, dedication, credibility, integrity and team work. Additionally to key five values, there are some additional principles involved: accountability to donors, commitment beyond the law, respect for the worth and dignity of individuals, pluralism and diversity respect, transparency, responsible stewardship of resources and commitment to excellence and always maintaining the public trust.

Code of Ethics of the Corporation consists of the following issues: personal and professional integrity, mission, governance, legal compliance, responsible stewardship, opened and disclosure, program evaluation, inclusiveness and diversity, fundraising and code implementation. All staff, management and volunteers are called to act with integrity, openness and honesty in all their dealings. Mission of the Corporation is in pursuit of the public good, and all its programs are aimed to support this mission, goals of the company and its principles. The governing body of Kids Beating Cancer must ensure that Board of Directors is enough experienced and qualified to carry out their duties, possess conflict of interest policy, is responsible for hiring, firing and reviewing the performance of the employees, ensures that everything is done with honesty and integrity, ensures that resources of the Corporation are properly managed and also that it has capacity to carry out its programs efficiently. Programs of the organization are reviewed and evaluated on regular basis to ensure that quality of programs is improved and they are becoming more effective. Organization also promotes transparency and in fundraising it informs all potential donors about information about the Kids Beating Cancer and its recent financial reports, ensures that all donations are distributed fairly, ensures professional relationships inside and outside the organization, and also ensures that information about the donations are handled with respect and with confidentiality. Issues of compensation, expenses, financial reporting and funds are covered in the Responsible Stewardship section. In the Code implementation section it is mentioned that the management of the Kids Beating Cancer encourages internal dialogues regarding ethics and provides guidance in order to ensure that all internal documentation of the organization, along with its procedures and policies, is ethical and consistent with Code of Ethics.

There are no clearly stated goals of Code of Ethics, and not very much written about ethical principles. Even though all this information is understandable, I would make this Code of Ethics more structured and more detailed. There are three items discussing grievance procedures. They include what questions should be brought to attention of the Advisor and what to the attention of the full Board of Directors.

To my opinion Code of Ethics of Kids Beating Cancer, which is adopted from the Independent Sector model policy and Donor Bill of Rights, that was developed by the American Association of Fundraising Counsel, is not very much detailed and is made by a template.

Code of Ethics is basically designed to improve customer service, save both oversight and training costs; it should be the solid guidance for the employees so that they understood what is expected from them, and it should assist in building the brand of the organization, bringing unique value to it. Organizations that are dealing with issues of cancer and leukemia do not need to bring value to their brand- their activities are also adding value to them (Murphy, 1997).

I would start this Code of Ethics with the Introduction where I would introduce the mission of the Corporation along with the unique purpose of its existence. Then I would have written the statement why Code of Ethics was created and what purposes it is supposed to serve. I would also have included what Code of Ethics offers and in what cases it should be referred to. I would also have written in more details about values and ethical principles about what the corporation its workers are expected to do in relation to stated values. I would have included the information about workers of the corporation and about how should they fulfill their ethical responsibilities to children and their families, to their colleagues and management. It is all mentioned in the Governance responsibilities and Fundraising sections, but not enough detailed.

Even though I suggested some restructuring of this particular Code of Ethics, I still believe that it is quite comprehensive in the sense of covering all essential items for successful operation of the Corporation. Code of Ethics of Kids Beating Cancer Corporation is feasible, but there is still space for improvements and developments.
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