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Once Upon a Mattress Essay

"Once Upon a Mattress" Essay

"Once Upon a Mattress" is a hilarious musical comedy about a town in Medieval Times that is forbidden to marry unless the Prince of the town marries first. The Queen is not anxious to let her little prince fall into the arms of someone else, and the King has no say in the matter anyway because he's a mute! The prince finally meets this girl that he's interested in but there are many points to the equation. For one thing the girl that the prince is interested in is a tom boy who is strong enough to beat up a knight (constantly), and the twist is that the prince is the exact opposite, a flaming, feminine, fragile young man.


Since the Queen does not want to let her son go, she comes up with a test to see if the girl is "delicate" enough to marry the prince. The test is that the Queen would put a single pea underneath the mattress that the girl sleeps on. If the girl cannot sleep during the night because she is uncomfortable of the little pea, than she is worthy to marry the prince. But, of course, we all know that nobody is that delicate enough to feel a single pea under the entire mattress; this was the Queen's "full proof plan" to keep her boy from marrying. The town knew about this absurd test and decided to take the fate of the town's marriage policy into they're one hands. The town cheats and places all these chains and boulders and ridiculous objects under the mattress so that it would be impossible for the girl to fall asleep, hence, making her "delicate" enough. In the end, the tom boy girl ends up marrying the feminine prince and they live happily ever after; and so do the town folk.

I thought this play was once of the best plays I've seen, in terms of being entertaining and really catering to people who want to laugh. I've seen this play one other time with my cousin in the play, and I felt that both productions did a great job.

The one thing that was a let down though was the sound system. The mics were cutting in and out at some part and although it was unavoidable during the play it was unfortunate that it happened.

As for the actors and actresses performances I thought they all did a wonderful job. Danielle and Jim from our class did a great job as well and I'm sure you're proud of them too.

In conclusion, I think that my favorite kind of genre for plays is musical comedies and I think this play is a good example of what I really enjoy. Of course I'm not completely closed minded to only those kind of shows, I enjoy all different types of plays. I just think that comedic musicals are a plus for me.

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