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Barbara Kruger Research Paper

Barbara Kruger Research Paper

Barbara Kruger is one of the most influential artists of the last three decades. She uses pictures and words through a wide variety of media and web sites to raise the issues of power. Her works include photographic prints on billboards, magazines, metal plates, sculpture, videos, book covers, shopping bags, postcards, newspapers and T-Shirts. She uses art to express her views on issues that affect society. The issues can range from political issues, environmental issues, sexism and any other issues. __________________________________________________________


Kruger has a very unique style of art that is recognize worldwide. One thing I realized after viewing several pieces of her art was that she uses the same three colors for her art work, (red, black and white). The three colors suck you into her art. One thing that I question is why she uses those three colors. Why not blue, pink and orange. I also wonder why she only uses only three colors and not four or five. While viewing her art in class, it occurred to me that she purposely wants her paintings to be in black and white in order for the viewer to paint her art in their own vision. For example, most faces in her art work are black and white. Since the faces are black and white, Kruger lets the individual use their imagination to color the faces.
Because everyone is so different, the faces will have different shades of color from one individuals point of view to another. Some individuals will have the face lighter or darker in skin color than others. When you see a black and white picture it has no color to it. Kruger gives the individual the opportunity to color the picture. Barbara Kruger uses a lot of images or pictures from the 1950's magazines. Her political art sends powerful messages. Each individuals has a different idea or belief of what message Kruger is sending. For example in class while viewing Kruger's art, each student in class had different views about her art. Who was right and who was wrong? I don't believe that every students view is wrong. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.
Kruger has made a profession out of disapproving oppressors, from anti-abortion agitators to wife-beaters, racists, and the editors magazines. A typical Kruger piece is a long room from the floor to ceiling. One thing that I like about Kruger is that she creates work that needs to be experienced outside an art gallery. Her art is also displayed at huge billboards.
What Barbara Kruger does with her art is to challenge the viewer's concept of reality. John Berger also believes that art challenges the viewer's concept of reality.

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