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Term Paper on Karen Blixen

Karen Blixen Essay

After a vacation in Kenya I decided to read more about Karen Blixen. I determined to read about her years in Rungstedlund where she spent most of her life.

In the book you come close to Karen Blixen. It is built up of stories from four people who where close to her: her relative Erik Kopp, the landlady Caroline Carlsen, the librarian Birthe Andrup of the secretary Ulla Rask.


Karen Blixen was born in 1885 in Rungstedlund north of Copenhagen.
She wrote under many pseudonyms. Her debut "Seven Gothic Tales"(1935) was written in english under the name Isak Dinesen. Karen Blixen became baroness by her marriage with Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke. The couple ran a coffee plantation in Kenya from 1914. I 1921 they were separated, and Karen took over the responsibility of the coffee plantation until 1931. Hard times made her go back to Denmark after 17 years in Africa. Then she had to make a living of the authorship, and made her debut as an author in a mature age.

Through the book "Karen Blixen piŠµ Rungstedlund" you get a picture of a strong personality with a lot of humor. She loved children, thus her relationship with the son of the landlady is especially well described. The secretary, Ulla Rask, tells about a collaboration characterized by mutual respect and understanding, and about how she got help after her husband died.

All the experiences Karen Blixen got after her stay in Kenya and the workers on the coffee plantation gave her material to write "Den afrikanske farm", published in 1937.

The income from the sale made it possible to open the museum of Karen Blixen on Rungstedlund.

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