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Term Paper on Dangers of Airports

Research Paper on Dangers of Airports

There are many effects that airports have on the communities surrounding them. Airports can affect a community positively and negatively. The Philadelphia International Airport affects both Philadelphia and Delaware County. The people of Delaware County have lived with the airport for years. The airport has tremendously affected them. Their land, houses, and atmosphere have been shifted in one way or another. In this paper I am going to take a look at some of the environmental effects of airports and the economic effects of airports. I am also going to take a look at how expanding the Philadelphia International Airport will affect the surrounding communities.

An airport has many effects upon a community. One thing that affects a community is the noise. People who live around an airport constantly hear planes taking off and landing. This affects their everyday activities. For example, a person might want to take a nap after school, but can't because the noise of the planes disrupts his/her sleep. The loud roars of an airplane's engines can disrupt sitting down to eat dinner with the family. Also if people are outside conversating with one another it might be difficult to just carry out a simple sentence because of the loud noise. People in a community surrounding an airport will eventually get used to the noise and be able to deal with it. Planes only take off and land every so often so this is not a major issue within the community.


Pollution is another very harmful effect of airports. Planes constantly taking off and landing causes pollution to be spread among the community. Different kinds of chemicals from the planes are released into the air and cause pollution around the neighborhood. A medical doctor who teaches clinical medicine at the University of Illinois-Chicago, School of Public Medicine, estimated that as many as one million people's health could be affected as a result of just one airplane. This puts many people's lives in danger. There are many different symptoms that could occur due to a long time exposure to chemicals from an airplane. Some include: Asthma, Cancer, Hallucinations, Heart Disease, Muscle weakness, nasal effects, headaches, lung disease, and tumors. These are just some of the affects of chemicals from an airplane. Aside from all the problems pollution can cause with humans, the unclean air can also affect animals and other living things.

Economically, the value of houses and other buildings within the community could rise or also lower. Prices could be raised in order to force people to move out. On the other hand, the price value of the houses surrounding the airport could be lowered due to the living conditions around them. This means that if a person wants to move out of their house they might not get as much as they paid for even though they put work into their house.

Tourism within the community is also an economic effect. This can be both a positive and negative aspect. Tourism can cause local businesses to do very well and make a great deal of many. Places like restaurants and hotels are great tourism attractions for the airport population. People who have late flights might stop to eat before their flight or maybe even have a family get together at a restaurant before they leave. Also people may need to stay overnight at a hotel and having a hotel close to the airport is a great economic step for the community.

The Philadelphia International Airport is going to reconstruct the runways so that there is extra room for more planes to take off and land. The people of Delaware County have lived with the Philadelphia International Airport for years. Before the airport was built most of the land was swamp and marshes. There was also much wildlife around the area. The people that lived there before the airport was completely built were affected heavily by the change. However, they continued to live their lives and watch their land be paved over. The airport authorities now want to expand the airport in order to make another runway for more planes to take off and land on.

The expansion of the airport will cause many problems within the community. First off, houses would need to be purchased by the government in order to build another runway. This means that people will either be forced to move out of their home or will want to move out of their home because of the expanding airport. This is unfair to the people living in these houses. Memories have been made in their houses and it is very harmful to a person to have to leave them behind. The government might also raise the process of the properties so that the people would not want to pay them. This might have families struggling to live in the home that they have lived in their whole life. The government may also pay people to leave their homes. This could be a benefit in the sense that people may get more money for their house. This may allow people to move into a nicer area or another area of their choice. Another problem with expanding the airport is that certain restaurants or hotels might have to be shut down in order to have room to build the new runway. This affects the social lives of people that live in the area.

Along with expanding the airport come more airplanes. If the airport is going to be expanded this allows more planes to take off and land on the runways. This means more noise and more people. If the airport becomes bigger and more popular than there will be much more traffic flow to get to the airport. This might cause local travelers to be stuck in massive traffic and be late for events they are trying to get to. This could affect the people of Delaware County because of the tourism caused by the airport. People waiting for flights may go to places within their community causing more congestion to their normal activities. People in Delaware County may work in the city and need to use I-95. Having a larger airport along with more traffic makes it much harder to get to and from work.

Many of the people in Delaware County have lived there for a long time. They have seen the land slowly disappear by the over taking of the airport. Grasslands and trees have been knocked down and paved over. Plants and animals are needed in order to keep a person healthy and breathing. The more natural living things that are taken away the less healthy and happy people that live around the area will be. On a bright sunny day people want to walk out of their homes and see trees and animals. With an expanding airport more of these areas will be paved and knocked down in order to build another runway.

SEPTA along with other organizations have planned to help this action take place. The airport authorities hope to get this reconstruction done without many problems. SEPTA has made easier bus and train routes in order to keep the flow of traffic down to a minimum. This also helps to keep the parking down to a minimum. This may help the people that live in the Delaware County be able to get to work easier during the reconstruction. Also this allows people to continue their everyday lives without having to worry about being stuck in traffic or not being able to get to where they are going.

Having another runway does not have to be a negative thing. Having another runway might allow more planes to be taking off and landing, but that can be a great change. This helps to have less people waiting around the airport. If there are more available flights then people will not have to wait around. Also the location of the airport is good for the people who live close so they do not have to drive far when they are going on vacations or trips.

In conclusion, airports can cause many problems within a community. Health problems along with simple community problems make it hard to live around an airport. Economically, an airport can affect a community both positively and negatively. The Philadelphia International Airport has plans to help out the transportation flow, but they need to think about the people in the community also. The people who live around the airport should be the number one priority.

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