Saturday, September 23, 2017

Statement of Purpose Essay Sample

I firmly believe that Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program will help me meet my academic and professional goals. My background in computer information systems is extensive enough to help me further develop my personal and professional qualities by means of joining this program. This program encompasses a magnitude of areas that are of great interest to me; that is the best incentive ever to study hard in order to achieve my goal.

I am currently working with an advertising company as a Web Developer, and I am doing a lot of things closely related to the different areas outlined by the program at issue. I believe that by utilizing this educational opportunity I will not only develop both professionally and personally, but also contribute to the program itself by bringing in my experience and enthusiasm.

I am an easy going person and I will definitely feel fine around people who have the same goals and professional attitudes as I do; I will be willing to help other students and participate in the social life of the student body, as this is an inalienable part of the educational experience. By undertaking this endeavor I will be motivated to put force my best efforts in order to succeed and to attain my goal, which is successful completion of the program.

Computer information systems is a whole world, and I want to be more proficient in this world, as the information revolution that started a couple of decades ago is going to gain momentum even more in the nearest future, and I want to be a part of this revolution, not just a watcher who uses the fruits of it. I want to invent new things and I want to help humankind to progress and to make life better for everyone on our planet; that is why I will be working really hard if given the opportunity to join the program.

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