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Explication Essay on Henry VI

I would like to start by saying that in literary criticism explication represents close read-on of a text and a sustained interpretation of some brief passage, which in my case would be represented by the Henry VI, Part III, Act III, Scene II and line 124. This method of explication will allow me to place great emphasis on particular rather than on the general, paying close attention to individual words, syntax used by Shakespeare and the order in which the sentences and ideas unfold in this very verse as they are read by me.

I will add that this method of explication is the modern fundamental technique of modern literary criticism that dates back to the mid-XX century. A truly attentive reading of the chosen part from Henry VI provides an area with superb possibilities for observation and insight.

As in any work by William Shakespeare, here we find a wonderfully used allegories, play of words, that was used by ingenious writer. This spectacular piece of work causes the reader of the play to feel the unlimited borders of his imagination. It is not a coincidence that Shakespeare has become a worldwide accepted and respected classic British writer. I would suggest that he should be considered, probably, the greatest poet of all times, known by a contemporary reader. I am not aware of any other person, who is as far apart from nowadays in history, and at the same time as wide-read and appreciated by experts and common readers all over the world.


In this play, as in Shakespeare’s other works, we once again find the reflection of a very common issue, which worried the humanity centuries ago. As the time goes by, the value of certain things does not change. Issues like love, death, power, envy, glory, greed, and so on have been worried the human kind for ages.

When analyzing the Scene II of the Act III Part II of Henry VI I would like to note that it takes us to place where lustful Edward get described in the poem. On one hand he is written to be a true gentlemen to ‘use women honorably’ yet still no gentlemen would indeed use women yet rather treat them with honor, thus hinting us that Edward was a manipulator and a promiscuous person who would engage in bodily entertainment regardless of his condition ‘wasted, marrow, bones and all’.

The story proceeds by telling us about the fact that from his loins there was no hopeful branch, which might spring implying that Henry VI might be either sterile or as one later finds out already buried (dead).

Shakespeare proceeds with the poetic description of the place where Edward was buried so that he took the place that the author said he could place himself and have a cold premeditation for his purpose. The subsequent several verses speak about the freed royal place left after the death of Henry VI and attracting many including the author who is flattered with the impossibilities of getting into such a high position and occupying such a post.

Subsequently the explication goes that if there is other kingdom is there for Richard then one should look for other pleasures that the world can afford. The first please is the ‘heaven on a lady’s lap’, i.e. sexual pleasure one would try to get after witching them with sweet words and looks. Yet, as the author discusses, such idea of having some fun with ladies while being dressed in fancy gay ornaments seems unlikely to the author than possessing “twenty golden crowns”. The reason for such thought is the curse of love in his mother’s womb which would deform the person’s body and make it like a wither’d shrub (arm) as well as place a mountain on his backs, a superb deformity to mock the body and scare off females he was thinking about. One subsequently finds out about the disproportion in every part of the body which in turn makes the person look like a chaos or an unlick’d bear-whelp.

The person philosophizes on the issues of love and considers himself a true monster which harbors such monstrous heinous thoughts in his mind. The main character than starts to think that if the world does not have any bodily joy for him with females due to his monstrous deformity, he then probably has the right to think about the crown and the ways how to get it and place it on his head. The personage decided to proceed with the crown despite the difficulties that he has between the crown and himself. He considers the idea rather impossible and absurd yet that looks more possible for him than to get some females for entertainment. He considers himself to be lost in the woods that has on thorns, thus making the way even more difficult, to find some open air and the desired joy in the world.

The person decided to catch the English crown and free himself from the current well being with any means possible, including killing other people as referenced in the “bloody axe” argument. The main personage believes that he will definitely have to hew his way through and smile while murdering. He prophesizes to say something that he would probably not say if he pursued some other goal, such as ‘content!’ at the time he was grieved or dissuaded. Whenever needed, one would have to wet his cheeks with artificial tears and get ready for playing absolutely any role that one might be required to play in order to get to his purpose of capturing the British crown.

Finally, the apogee is reached as the person starts to fully realize him in the new role and what he will have to do to get the crown. Thus he prepares himself to drown more sailors than mermaids do, slay more gazers than the basilisk, remain a much better speaker than Nestor, and think more slyly than Ulysses (Odyssey) did. He stated that he had the needed perseverance to take another Troy, add more colors to the chameleon, and even change shapes with Protheus for his advantage. The truly amusing statement was that he would send Machiavelli to school. He ends up stating that in these cases regardless of the situation the crown would be obtained by him.

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