Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sociological Essay Example

This paper talks about a class - socioeconomical status on an advertisement about a perfume called channel No 5. The rhetorical appeal works on different socioeconomic levels, according to this advertisement. The advert is appealing, and its main goal is to encourage women spend money so as to obtain the perfume. The music tone in this ad is slow and romantic, and the movement is classy, this shows that it belongs to a socioeconomic class of middle level.

The advert represents a working or lower-middle class to show upward mobility symbol. The perfume is relatively expensive. According dialogue in the advert, it shows that when a person uses the perfume he will likely attract people of the opposite sex. Also, a person is likely to obtain elite status if the buy and use the perfume. The use of logical fallacies connected with middle level class may be shown in channel No 5 perfume advert. The ad uses figurative language that shows the working and middle class people may be represented. 

People from an upper and working/ middle class are the one who are using the perfume.  Many celebrities have used the perfume, among them being Marilyn Monroe who once said that he uses the perfume in her bed. The statement by Marilyn Monroe, it encouraged many women from both high and middle class to look for perfume. The advert is appeals a stereotype which is gender based; this is because it may be addressed to women. The advert seems to reinforce the status quo of the world since it liked and impressed by millions of women worldwide. The channel no 5 has set values associated with it as it clears bad odor and bring the house with fresh frost air.

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