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"Maestro" Essay

"Maestro" Essay

To state that the best texts are those that tell the reader about the important things that make us human can create a selection of ideas and perspectives on the issue. Many which may be for or against it. The portrayal of other humans also experiencing the hurdles and surprises that life presents can lead to a story becoming a countless novel. Things such as feelings, intellect and freedom are all matters of power that are encountered by humans and that can tell tales of willingness, pain, and success. These factors capture the reader as they can relate to the issues that are being conveyed. The reader follows the characters throughout the novel, while he or she overcomes or is defeated by these powers. This journey brings a distinct type of entertainment for the reader and it enables them to read on. Maestro, written by Peter Goldsworthy fills this category flawlessly. 


It contains all the factors of power that humans come to encounter throughout life: feelings, intellect and freedom. It is all incorporated into one story about transition form adolescence to adulthood by one of the storyA?a‚¬a„?s main characters Paul, and that of Keller an octogenarian ex-concert pianist whose sardonic and unwelcoming outlook point to a problematic past. The powers of the feelings felt by the characters in Maestro are all very compelling and deep. Keller feels a sense of betrayal after being assured that Jewish members of German families would not be harmed, especially his family considering that he was privately performing concerts for Adolf Hitler. After his wife and son are murdered by the very Nazi regime that he had entertained, Keller is shattered.

Keller also experiences the feeling and power of alienation, as he does not fit into the casual, vibrant world of Darwin. His formal dress and sophisticated nature set him well aside form the laid back and social culture of Darwin. When the story commences Paul is also something of an outsider. He is new to Darwin high school, unathletic, intellectual and musically intelligent. It is not until Paul joins the toughs of the school rock band that he finally gains acceptance. Love is another powerful feeling that is explored and felt throughout the book. Towards the end of the book we discover that Keller married his wife in his late forties.

Together with the power of the love of his music and the birth of his son he was living in one of the happiest moments of his life. In failing to protect his family, Keller not only destroyed his love as a source but also poisoned irrevocably the love for his music. For Paul he develops a love versus lust relationship between Megan and Rosie. However he soon realises that Megan brings him only pleasure and no emotional or intellectual stimulation. He eventually marries Rosie. The music theme is a thread in the rich tapestry of the story.

The intellect is in the two musically precocious main characters. It is a preoccupation of both Keller and Paul. Even Paul's parents are enriched or even defined of the operas. Keller's true mean of survival is music, through his teaching of it and the intellectual nourishment that it provides him. The power of the art is what, makes the book what it is. Keller states "if you want people to believe your lies, set it to music." This quote sophisticatedly informs us of the power that is held by music. Paul's life is also shaped by his love of music.

The older and more mature that he gets he attains a more sensual feel and response to music. The power of music assists Paul with love as their musical talents bring him and Rosie together, not to mention Keller and his wife that was a Wagnerian specialist. The power of love for a person, a song or a thing is what really creates and compliments the book. The human necessity for personal freedom is depicted in an unfamiliar way. Herr Keller searches for freedom of his past through the teaching of his music and his developing friendship with Paul.

While teaching Paul music, Keller lets go of past demons by revealing things about his life that had been kept unknown and unspoken of for many years. He releases his past and once again revives his love. For Paul he yearned for the freedom out of his struggle and subsequent agonies of self doubt that he felt while trying to establish himself as a first rate pianist. He longed to escape from the way the he was feeling and rise above it in order to achieve his goal. In relation to the success of the text Maestro it can be clearly seen that what truly assembles a story are the diverse aspects of human life and the way in which they are managed by the characters in the story.

Feelings of betrayal, love, musical intellect and freedom are all a portion of the obstacles and achievements that can be attained throughout a person's life.

The voyage that must be embarked on in order to accomplish or over come these things are what engages the reader into the story and provokes them to read on and pursuit the rest of the tale. This entertains the reader and it may also enlighten their outlook on life and their experiences. The maestro's tale is so realistic that it attains a power on its own. The realness, history and humanity of the human condition in Maestro are what make the story great.
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