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Essay on School Nursing

Essay on School Nursing

The role of the school nurse in maintaining a healthy lifestyle of children and adolescent cannot be overestimated. The article titled “School nurses” on the Teachernet website states that school nurses provide help to the children with special educational needs, run vaccination, help young people with the family planning and do many other things that are of no less significance. But, it sometimes happens, that children and young people do not want to aks for the nurse’s help, even when they’re in great need of it. To solve this problem, the professional image of the school nurse should be promoted among her clients and their parents.


The authors of the School Nurse Practice Development Resource Pack say that the first thing that should be done for accomplishing this task is providing full and truthful information about the abilities and charges that the nurse has. The kids and teenagers should be aware of the possibility to get help with any health related problems and concerns from the school nurse.

Given a student comes to the nursing office to get some assistance the nurse has to do his/her best to help him. Children and adolescent tend to trust the experience of their friends much more than recommendations provided by the grown-ups, that’s why by helping one student you may gain the trust of his/her classmates. The nurse may also talk with teachers and other school staff and ask them to encourage the students to turn to her with health problem concerning them or their relatives and friends.

Young people are sometimes afraid to talk about the health problems they have, especially when they’re related to the sexual sphere, that’s why the nurse has to assure her clients that their confidentiality will be preserved. To fulfill this promise the nurse has to take care about the medical records she leads, as their promulgation may not only harm the pupil’s reputation, but also question the nurse’s professionalism.

The nurse also has to promote the concept of the healthy lifestyle, both verbally and with her own appearance. The students often become interested in this issue, so that they are likely to come to the nurse and question her about the peculiarities of eating and moving healthy.

I interviewed Valerie who has been working as a school nurse for fifteen years already. She says she really likes her job, for that both students and other school staff appreciate her work greatly and assist her best they can. Valerie reports that she was really disappointed when she started her practice. She had been absolutely sure that all the students and teachers are aware of the significant role that school nurses play in organizing a studying process, but misunderstandings and ignorance what that met her first. Valerie put a great amount of effort to prove that she could make a significant contribution into the work done by the school staff.

What helped Valerie was that she did her best to provide help for every student or teacher who asked it. She confesses that chain effect was the reason for the adolescent to trust her with their problematic issues. Valerie remembered it sometimes happened that she worked as an intercessor between the student and his/her parents, in case there was some information the youth was afraid to convey personally.

Valerie continued her professional education; she is constantly deepening the knowledge of the new trends in nursing. She says it makes her feel confident during the working day, as nursing is a very responsible and demanding occupation. When I asked my interviewee about the mistakes she made while promoting her professional image, she noted it would’ve been helpful if she had managed to maintain more productive professional relations with some of the teachers.

In modern world not all the people understand the significance of the school nurse’s practice, so that the nurses should make some effort to make their agency more prominent. This will result in the increase of people the nurses will be able to help.
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