Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Research Paper

Fashion Research Paper

Young people all over the world are becoming fashion conscious. Young students whether boys or girls, are crazy about it. They want to look smart and beautiful by wearing dresses of the latest designs.

Fashion is no longer the monopoly of females. Even boys have great fancy for it. In fact, the latest uni-sex dresseslike shirts and jeans can be worn both by the boys and girls. Today, the biggest centres of the latest fashions in the world are Paris, London, Hollywood and New york.

Fashion has permeated all spheres of our life.It is used not only for dresses but also for hair-styles,shoes or manners.

Fashion is neither stable nor eternal.It is ever changing.

fashion knows no frontiers. It travels across countries very fast. When students in India see latest foreign films from Hollywood, they adopt the latest fashion from these films. They even imitate the way of life, speech, manners, actions, dresses, hair-styles of their favourite foreign actors and actresses.


Some students spend a lot of money and devote considerable time on their make-up. They neglect their studies and their books gather dust! These students hardly realize that by neglecting their studies, they are ruining their own career.

Some students seem to suffer from a mistaken notion that fashion means wearing clothes and other costly items like jewellery etc. The fact is that sometimes expesive clothes and heavy make-up may prove counter-productive. It may even have a negative effect on one’s personality. Some people look smarter in simple clothes than in expensive clothes.

If students want to be successful in life, their motto should not be fashion but “simple living and high thinking”.

Fashion spreads like wild fire especially when fashion critics hail any new design as ultra modern but we should not forget that”SIMPLICITY IS THE BEST FASHION”.

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