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Essay on Nature

Essay on Nature

Nature presents beauty which satisfies man's deepest desire. The beauty of evergreen forests, the music of gently flowing streams and the magic of snow capped mountains cast their spell on all those whose senses are alive and healthy.

To explore this nature and to bring some kind of joy into our hearts my parents planned a visit to Skardu in June. We decided to go by air from Islamabad.

The air journey, about 45 minutes from take off, offers fabulous aerial view of some of the world's highest peaks. The Northern Areas of Pakistan are a rocky wilderness of 2,700 sq miles.

Our stay was at the Shangrila Resorts located at a height of 2500 metres commonly known as "The roof of the world." It was only a 15 minutes drive from Skardu Airport. The first impression of Shangrila was that of a fairy land. It encircles the heart shaped Kachura Lake, surrounded by fruit and flower filled gardens. A vacation spent at Shangrila Resort is a lifetime experience - one would want to relieve again and again. The summer is very green with an abundance of trees laden with apples, almonds, apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, pears, strawberries, mulberries and grapes.



We had planned a three day trip. On the first day we reached Skardu at lunch time. After offering our prayers we went to visit the Kachura Lake. It was a 15 minute drive from Shangrila. A beautiful Lake with emerald green water and about 150 feet deep.

One could also walk from Shangrila to the lake through lush green villages. The Balti kids rushed towards us. I had never seen such beautiful children before. We enjoyed sharing some drinks and biscuits with them. On our way back to Shangrila we stopped at the Sukh Valley. (a picnic spot) and enjoyed a cup of tea sitting on the lush green grass. The Sukh Valley is beautiful and graceful. Before sunset we returned to our room.

The next morning when I woke up the scene was glorious and the morning quiet and cool. After a good breakfast we were ready to visit the Satpara Lake. We reached the lake in an hour. Surrounded by sky high glacial mountains, with a fairy tale island in the middle was the Satpara Lake. The mountains were bathed in the glory of the rising sun. Trees were so high that they seemed to be receiving messages straight from heaven. Nature may not make us rich but it certainly gives us comfort in grief and misery. Boating in the lake was exciting and we had a close view of the Island. After four to five hours we returned to Shangrila more satisfied than ever.

Our next planned trip was to the Basho Valley. It took us two hours to reach the Basho Valley. Inspite of an expert driver and a perfect jeep I felt that it was going to be the last drive of my life. At the first sight of the valley we forgot all the roughness of the way. It was a magnificent valley situated among the lush green forest of the region. It was very cool and we felt like wearing warm clothes. The poor (Balti) people had built their houses with logs. The time spent in the company of nature and these people was the most valuable and rewarding experience of my life. All these things will never become meaningless to me.

On the fourth day we returned to Islamabad, with all these beautiful memories of our trip. I think our heart is filled with the joy and freshness of nature. We will fall in love with our land if we visit these hidden beauties of our country.

Travelling creates a sense of unity among the people of various regions. I hope you enjoyed being with me on this wonderful trip.

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