Friday, November 3, 2017

Article Critique Essay Example

Article Critique: Same-Sex Parent Families: Relationships, Parenting, and issues of Marriage.
Having read the article titled “Same-sex couples and same-sex-parent families: relationships, parenting, and issues of marriage” written by Dr. Anne-Marie Ambert I came to a much better realization of the existing problems and issues that surround same-sex marriages and cohabitation.

The primary central theme pointed out in the article is the ethics. Homosexuality is considered to be innate rather than chosen voluntarily by people, and thus cannot be regarded as a personal perversion or sin. Same-sex couples, therefore, deserve the same level of respect and understanding as people with other innate qualities they did not choose such as age, gender or race.

The second important theme that needs to be pointed out here is the misunderstandings that heterosexuals have about gays. 

These misconceptions are shown below:

  1. Once the same-sex marriages get legalized, more people will become homosexual. In fact, legalization of homosexuality will not increase the number of homosexuals in the society, yet instead allow those who hide their actual sexual preferences to come out and claim their right to a marriage with the person they love, regardless of their sex.
  2. Legalization of same-sex marriages will increase promiscuity in the society. From the article, we learn that on the contrary, same-sex marriages allow homosexuals to stay freely in their relationship and remain sincere and honest with their partners. The absence of unions for homosexuals means pretty much what the lack of marriage for normal people-free and promiscuous sexual ties, since after all there are no legal bonds that unite people.
  3. Religious freedom of ‘normal’ people will be limited with the legalization of same-sex marriages. On the contrary, not a single religion will be required to marry homosexuals unless it does not want to. Still, the legalization of same-sex marriages will allow people of the same sex enjoy the beauty of marital life that heterosexuals enjoy.

The third important topic that needs to point out here as found in the article is that lesbi-gay couples can teach ‘normal’ heterosexual couples something. For instance, the relationships in same-sex couples are more egalitarian than in typical heterosexual couples. While in ‘normal’ couples, males predominantly assume the leadership position considering it to be proper and thus leaving females with little more choice but to submit. In same-sex couples, the division of labor and responsibility is rather equal, and these couples reported much autonomy from their partners regarding freely choosing employment, friendships, and other choices, as opposed to heterosexual couples. Lesbian couples on average would report more marital satisfaction and higher degrees of intimacy as compared to ‘normal’ couples. Finally, gay couples showed more stability and affection for each other as compared to healthy couples out of which 50% would result in a divorce during the first seven years of marriage. The gay couples are believed to be stronger since they typically think more than twice before getting married due to disapproval from their parents and social intolerance. In other words, we learn that after getting through all kinds of challenges and tests, the gay-lesbian couples only fortify their commitment to one another and stay with each other longer than traditional couples would.