Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Essay: The Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

There has hardly ever lived a man on Earth, who would need to be persuaded that a healthy lifestyle is something good. Good health means a long life, wide possibilities, and sex appeal, after all. 

However, still too many people do not bother to live healthy, indulging their caprices, weaknesses, and simple sloth.

One reason this is happening is probably that a healthy lifestyle implies long-term investments. If the benefits of living a healthy life were obvious right away there would be no need in any persuasion. 

However, when we are young our life seems to be endless and senility with the infirmities of age are something concerning anyone but us. The older we get, the more often we think about our health, however it is not easy starting to do something you have never done before when you are old.

But maybe it is not that difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Let us consider some ways to do that.

One way is to abstain from indulgence. Is it really that fun to spend all night in some pubs and clubs in the hostile environment of loud music, flows of alcohol and clouds of nicotine, and who knows what else? Is it really a necessity to turn a family reunion into a nosh-up? Maybe it is worth trying to find other not so health damaging ways to greet your closest? Maybe it could be some sort of active recreation together — a simple walk in the park would do. Restraining from bad habits would be easier if you try to replace them with your new, more healthy, hobbies. Recall your unrealised aspirations. Maybe it is time to start do some yoga or painting, or... Actually, this list can be infinite.

Another way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to reconsider your daily routine. It is commonly known how important is a good rest. While we sleep our body restores its energy and our brain processes the information we did not have time to process when received. The lack of sleeping affects our memory, it does not let us thinking straight. If there is such a problem it means you cannot manage your time properly or there is something wrong with your life approach. The first you can learn, but the latter demands some serious analysis.

The third way is to eat proper and healthy food. Someone may think that it is too boring, but it does not have to be that way. However, our understanding of what is proper or healthy is often very far from the reality, and usually is stereotypes and excess baggage we are carrying from our parents family. Knowing that it is not so difficult to re-built your menu. However, it is not only important what we eat, of not less importance is how we do that. Try to eat the same time every day, do not seek satiety, avoid snacks between main food intakes and your body will thank you.

One more way is to drink more water. Water is where the life is born. Our body is full of water as it is its main component with 65% of the human body overall mass. The process of aging mainly means our body cells losing water. It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance of this component. 

But it should be noticed that it cannot be just any liquid. What you need is clean, noncarbonated water. Swimming is also a great way to keep yourself in good shape, and hot tub is an excellent way to relax.

The next way implies more physical activity. Find the kind you like and try to make it regular. As it has already been said, swimming is great almost for every age and is considered a trauma-free sport. Walking and jogging are also good but need some attention in terms of equipment and technique.

The least way I can think of in this short essay is to find the positive side of things. The human body is a very complex machine that is not entirely known. However, it seems to be working in the way that some positive emotions can better our immune system and in the end of the day help us live longer and happier.  

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