Friday, February 26, 2016

Nursing Philosophy Essay

What is nursing philosophy? Why is it important to develop your personal nursing philosophy? How does it influence the quality of nursing? Nursing is a very delicate and broad topic for analysis, because this field of health care embraces a great number of standards and requirements. Nursing is not just an occupation. It is your personal vocation, lifestyle and way of thinking. I will try to explain the meaning and importance of nursing philosophy to every practicing nurse.

Nursing philosophy is characterized with the original and responsible approach towards every patient. 

It does not worth mentioning that patients are different. They live in different environment and have different occupation. Naturally, human health is determined with the environment he/she lives in. 

This environment influences the quality of life. Some people are healthier, while others are weaker. A professional nurse must not divide people according to their background and financial advantages and disadvantages. Every patient has the right to be treated in the proper way.  It is not ethical to provide someone with better care, because he/she is richer. The right nursing philosophy should be based on the equal approach towards every patient.

The next principle of nursing philosophy is life-long self-education. Doubtless, if you stop improving your skills, your professionalism reduces. We live in the dynamic world; therefore, we should improve our knowledge constantly. It is impossible to be a competitive expert if you do not learn new techniques and approaches towards nursing. Every day scientists invent new equipment and develop new techniques of treatment. It is wise to be aware of such things in order to be a broadminded person. For example, when you care about a patient who suffers from cancer, you should know about this disease everything. When scientists find the remedy for this form of cancer, you ought to inform this patient about this invention at once. As you see, it is important to get to know about the latest news related with the field of medicine.

Then, a good nurse should possess traits of a teacher, psychologist and lawyer. There are patients who do not want to take remedies behaving naughtily. A smart nurse should make them take the prescribed mixtures and pills. She should be firm and soft at the same time. She should be able to persuade every patient in her point of view. A nurse is a leader and a teacher. She is responsible for the wellbeing of every student; therefore, she should make them fulfill her instructions. Many patients feel depressed because of their illness. A smart nurse should help them cope with this pressure. 

Everybody knows that physical health depends on your mood and mental wellbeing. If you do not believe in your rapid recovery, you will not get better. A nurse is supposed to improve the patient’s mood. She should encourage him to struggle against his disease. She should apply various psychological tricks in order to improve the patient’s mood and spirit. It is reasonable to communicate with the patient and discuss important matter for him. For example, you can talk about his family, occupation, dreams and plans for the future. The patient should trust you and accept you like a close friend. In simple words, you nursing philosophy should be based on the emotional and psychological approach towards your patients.

Nursing philosophy is a complex problem, which consists of numerous elements. A professional nurse should pay attention to the personal approach towards her patients, the peculiarities of their environment and their physical and psychological needs. A good nurse should possess a set of rules and beliefs, which form her own model of nursing. She should fulfill her duties based on these personal holistic rules. It is important to care about every patient following the norms of morality, ethics and equality. Every patient deserves proper care in spite of his financial background, ethnicity, gender and age.

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