Thursday, August 27, 2015

Essay: Should All Countries Have the Same Currency?

Everybody knows that nearly every country has its own currency. This currency is valid on the territory of this peculiar country. Every country has long and exciting history of its currency. Banknotes and coins have survived a long way of improvement and intensive development. Everyone will agree that modern banknotes and coins are the pieces of art, because there are designers and artists who work hard to create beautiful money. There are people who collect money from all over the world and their collections cost a fortune.

Money is not a simple element of economy. It is a part of culture. It is possible to get to know about a country when you look at its money. When you hear a term ‘crown’, you understand that it is a currency of a certain European country. When you hear “dollar”, you understand that it is a currency of a country of the English speaking world. Every banknote has its own picture of a famous personality or important place or event related with this country. It is possible to learn about the distinct characteristic features of a country when you look at its banknotes and coins. You will definitely find state symbols and other peculiar elements important for every citizen of the chosen country. Consequently, a currency is the element that maintains originality and authenticity of a country. A currency is also a good indicator of a country’s independence. Only an independent country can have its own currency and conduct financial transactions with its help.