Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Significant Experiences Outside of your Home Country Essay

Today it is common for young people to leave their home countries and obtain education and find employment abroad. I am not an exception to this pattern. Lower I would like to present the experience I have gained outside my country and what this experience has helped me achieve.

After graduating the university I moved to Dubai where I was honored to work for a large construction company. Over the course of my employment there I had a chance to apply theoretical knowledge I had received earlier in practice. The team I worked in consisted of multi-ethnical and multi-lingual individuals. Our team served as a central source of information for the company, and its success was dependant purely on cooperation from each of us. I was honored to be a senior member of the team and was able to contribute to the group by gathering information from investment professionals, training group members, controlling the quality of the group’s output, collecting, analyzing and calculating data, supervising the projects, and many other tasks.

Employment experience obtained in Dubai has taught me to work individually and in the international multi-lingual groups. It helped me realize that a strong team is the first step on the way to success and that it is essential for one to be open to the opinions of others. Finally, this overseas experience solidified my interest in the field of entrepreneurship and exposed me to the enormous potential of this field in India.