Monday, September 3, 2012

Chocolate movie Essay

"Chocolate" Movie Essay

Speaking about the movie that had a great impact on me, I would like to mention movie "Chocolate"with Juliet Binoche and Johnny Depp starring. It is not the new one, but one of my favorite.

This movie had a great influence on me, as it made to ask myself primarily whether I do what I want and whether I have enough strength to do what I want regarding any circumstances. People should listen to their hearts- it is the key to happiness and creativity. And we were created to be creative, to open new horizons and to reveal our true personalities.


When I followed Vianne, the main heroine, I have understood that each person has an internal strength to do what he or she wants to, and the most difficult task is to allow ourselves to do those particular things.

After watching the movie for the first time, I was not sleeping nearly for the whole night. It turned my world view upside down. I was thinking a lot about the role of Church, religion and faith in my life. It is not right to go to the church just if your family does so or the society you are in. Going to the church and having faith in your heart are two different things. Church should not be compulsory and a person cannot be judged according to whether he shows up his faith or not. Faith is something that cannot be seen. It is in our actions. People should not play the roles of faith people, they should be them.

I was impressed by how the importance of public opinion is shown in the movie. It is truly so. I’m evaluated everywhere. At home my parents want me to play the role of the obedient child and doing everything what they think is right for me. In college I have to correspond to general standards of clothes and behavior. I just pretend my living and not living the life I want to live. I do what everyone wants me to do and just forget about my personal wants and beliefs. The importance of being yourself and thinking about personal experiences and opinion was so brightly depicted in the movie, that from that time I have never forgotten about my internal voice and have never regretted that.

The way Vianne treated Joux made me reconsider my relationships with the opposite sex as well. Love is not the thing that can be seen in our actions. It is the feeling from inside. It is impossible to make person love you as well as fall in love with someone just having such desire. Love is a great power that cannot be controlled. It is not the possession. Love is equality and forgiveness. It is impossible to usurp the person that you have feelings to. I have definitely understood that I should provide an absolute freedom to whom I love and not to demand anything. I should enjoy that feeling inside of me and do not look for any proofs of it in other person.
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