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Essay on Human Resources

Essay on Human Resources

For the human resources managers and administrators, the question of the efficiency of different types of human motivation is of great importance. Various theories on the topic have appeared in the course of the previous centuries, none of them giving a truly rewarding recipe of stimulating human resources.

Jerry Dermer’s article “The interrelationship of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation” was determined to find any evidential support to the contradictory statements that making extrinsic rewards contingent on performance reduces intrinsic motivation, that performance-contingent extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivation are unrelated and when the latter is not present in the rewarding system, the former is not motivating.


The results of the search proved the first statement is not true, as well as the other two, but the findings are still somewhat contradictory

Dermer’s research collected responses of the store managers of a multistate department store chain on extrinsic motivation (the relatedness of performance-contingent extrinsic rewards and the advancement expectations, job security, recognition, responsibility, better supervisory and peer relations, and increased pay) and intrinsic motivation (the aspects of personal growth and development, feeling of accomplishment, and a great sense of personal satisfaction in case of successful work performance).

The results of the study showed that the intrinsic motivation is a co requisite for successful extrinsic motivation.

Only externally oriented, high dogmatics or operating under a fear of failure, Dermer explains, may be less motivated by the objective performance reward allocation. The performance-contingent extrinsic rewards are quite efficient, and the types of motivation may be additive and therefore escalating the overall performance level of the managers motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically through the performance-contingent rewards.

The findings of the study by Jerry Dermer provide a clearer vision of the relationship between the performance-contingent extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivation. It also provides a scientific evidence for the human resource managers to be more open to the combination of the types of motivation and the use of performance-contingent extrinsic rewards in the process of improving the motivational system.
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