Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Personal Growth Essay

Personal Growth Essay Example

My years of growing up here in Mount Airy have been great. Throughout my time here at Mount Airy High School, I have come in contact with some of the greatest people and settings that a person could grow up around. I have always been the type of person who strives to do their best. Whether that is in school, in the community, at home, or in extracurricular activities. I believe that each person should have goals in each and everything that they do, big or small, and that those goals are important to the way you perform in the everyday world and throughout life. My passion in High School is, and always has been football. I really truly fell in love with the game when I was in middle school.


When I was in seventh grade I began to work out everyday and make myself better. I was not the biggest kid on the team, nor was I a starter, but I set my goals and oh-boy, have I achieved them. I was most improved in eighth grade, and I was moved up to start on varsity as a sophomore and ever since then I haven't looked back. I'm now a three-year letterman, I was All-Conference as a sophomore on offense, All-Conference as a junior on offense and defense, and this year so far I am pre-season All-State and a Captain of our football team.

I have always believed in myself, in my dreams, and in my goals. As a Student at Mount Airy High School, I have done what I can for myself by entering our four-year Honors System, which allows for individuals who qualify, to graduate with Honors. Football is one passion of mine, but I have grown to love and to sing in our schools' Show Choir. For me, it sets myself apart from the rest of my friends and fellow peers at the school. People respect me as an individual and think its great that I can, and enjoy, to sing. Soon I will be singing and performing in our schools annual talent show, which everyone enjoys. Mount Airy is a small town where most everyone knows each other, so it's important to me that I am a leader and a role model in the community. Past summers have been fun and relaxing, but with fun must come some hard work.

Two summers ago, I worked as a counselor at our local YMCA looking after young children. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I soon realized how much the little children looked up to me, and soon they were analyzing how I reflected my actions, into their lives and myself. I then realized how important, long lasting, and how big a leadership role is. What is so great about my time with these children is that they remember me so well, now before, during halftime, and after football games they are still there at the games yelling and screaming my name. Still to this day, if I see the children in public, they run up to me and ask me if I remember them. It's a great feeling knowing that they remember you so well.

My time here at Mount Airy High School is dwindling fast, and I know the next giant step is coming soon. It's going to be an awesome feeling when I am able to meet new people and change other peoples lives, as others here in Mount Airy have changed mine.

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