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Research Paper on Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler Research Report

Adolf Hitler's talents were very limited in his early years of life. He failed at school and as an artist. Only when he became involved in politics in the 1920's that he showed his true colors. Enthusiastic, alarmingly single minded and a brilliant speaker, he rose to lead the Nazi party and then, in 1933, his country.

Among the many smaller political parties at the time was the very right-wing National Socialist party, the Nazis. Hitler as leader, of this party, could arouse large crowds with passionate speeches. Other politicians ridiculed him, but many German people found him strong and convincing. He offered solutions for Germany's problems. He said the communists and Jews were to blame.


In 1929, many businesses went down due to the depression. By 1932, 6 million people had lost their jobs, and families were suffering terrible hunger and misery. Due to the depression many people voted for Hitler and his party, as people saw Hitler as an answer to a lot of the countries problems. In 1933 he was legally appointed chancellor.

Hitler achieved what he had promised he would do. He wiped out all political parties that opposed him, trade unions were destroyed and the Nazi party became the leading power in Germany. By this time Hitler had become Dictator and could make laws as he chose. His state was based on legalized terror.

By the end of the depression Germany had become strong again by drafting thousands of men into the army and preparing for battle, secretly at first but then more and more openly. This broke the terms of the Versailles Treaty but Britain and France did nothing to stop them. By 1937, everyone was employed. For many Germans, living standards had become much better.

By this point, Hitler began to expand Germany by taking over Austria and Czechoslovakia. Then on the 1st of September 1939, Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland. France and Britain had previously agreed to help Poland, and two days later they declared war on Germany. World War 2 had officially begun.

There was a seven month break then Hitler finally ordered the attack on Denmark and Norway, which they conquered easily. Next the Nazi troops conquered France. By June 1940 almost all of central Europe was controlled by Hitler, and then Britain stood alone.

In Germany and the territories occupied by Hitler, a terrible thing was happening. Hitler always believed that the world owed all its troubles to the Jews. At the same time, he believed it was Germany's destiny to become the master race. Now Hitler put all his racist ideas into practice. He ordered the total extermination of the Jews. In Germany and the occupied countries, the Jews were made to wear the Star of David as identification, and they were rounded up and put into concentration camps. The fittest people were used as slave labour in Germany industry, but almost every Jew was killed.

Until 1942, it looked as if Hitler's leadership was very strong in war as it had been in peace. Drawing on the new found confidence the "Fuhrer" had inspired, Germany had swept aside all enemies except Britain and had driven deep into the Soviet Union. The triumphant campaigns of 1940 owed much to Hitler's strong support. And his stubborn determination, displayed in refusal to withdrawal during the winter of 1940-1942 probably saved his forces in Russia.

These spectacular early achievements held the seeds of future disaster, for they led Hitler to believe in his own invincibility and the sureness of his judgement. This produced many unwise, even foolish, decisions from the "ruler" of Europe.

The U.S army and British and Commonwealth troops invaded France and Sicily in 1944. In the east, the Soviet Union was repelling the German invasion from the west. So Germany was caught in between two huge armies, and cut off from essential supplies. The end was a matter time. On the 25th of April 1945, American and Russian troops "linked hands across the river Elbe" at Torgau. Soon after, Hitler committed suicide in Berlin and the German Forces surrendered on the 8th of May, 1945.

When Hitler was in power he showed that he was one of the most evil but greatest dictators that has ever lived, he helped his country get through economic problems during the depression and showed great brutality in his methods during World War II. By the time he was defeated he had broken down the whole structure of the world in which he lived, he had instigated a new era with even greater power and destruction.

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