Friday, November 12, 2010

Essay on Alcohol Abuse among Teens

Essay on Alcohol Abuse among Teens

The task that I am presenting my report on is the issue of Alcohol Abuse through out this report I will tell you all I can to keep you informed on Alcohol Abuse.

What is happening to the teenage society today? Alcohol is most teenagers’ favorite discussion topic. By the age of 16 every teenager has heard about Alcohol, they know what it is, and has even had it. Teens are constantly hit with information about alcohol; this however encourages their decisions to do with their behavior. This report is based on adolescents’ and the decisions that they make were alcohol is concerned. This report will also look at the weight that is on teenager’s parents, and how important it is to teach their children about alcohol and the effects that it has on people.

This issue is not a major problem in our society but more and more people are turning to alcohol as a means of forgetting their problems. Or just because they have nothing else in their lives so they drink block life out. Stress levels now a days are rising as it is harder to get in to university as more and more kids are staying in school and wanting to get a degree of some kind. This is driving today’s students to drink, but not just to drink socially but also to abuse alcohol and drink far too much. Another reason that teens are drinking is cause it is seen as the cool thing to do and of course the more you can drink the cooler you are. So teens drink a lot more than they should be and in turn they start to rely on alcohol to get them through there more stressful times.

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