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Essay on Online Communication, the Fame of its Technology

Essay on Online Communication, the Fame of its Technology

How do people fall in love, finish degrees and manage businesses, all because of the technology on the Internet? This is strongly answered by internet technology such as: the use of webcams and video conferencing that has affected interpersonal communication today. Over the past few years, video conferencing technology has been growing as a result of the desktop and internet technology. These personal cameras allow the user to share a moving image of themselves with others. These cameras are then used in any kind of video conferencing, or conversation there may be. Video as well as audio makes the experience seem very human. It has allowed interpersonal communication exist when your not actually in person. The fact that people can now have business meeting all the way in another country has made it cheaper and more convenient for most. This research describes the identity of communication technology with webcams and video conferencing and the major aspects that it has affected our society today.

The many aspects of video conferencing have allowed people to expand their mind on new technology on the internet. The Intel Company has allowed that expansion to progress for their future. Not only do they want growth but they want to persuade the video conferencing industry to take advantage of other processors power. They then made a more "affordable and attractive Video conferencing systems emerge, the more attractive is then PC itself"(Harris, Wendt). These authors explain the fact that Intel has tried to increase to the best technology of today. Most importantly, it shows the amount of practice that goes into video conferencing among their costumers. This shows how fast video conferencing has grown to being mostly wanted in top companies. Generally, companies can make better aspects of the internet technology and making things more available for their costumers.


Video conferencing has widened the opportunities for businesses and students for the better. As for businesses the challenge of getting things done faster quicker and better than the opponent company is always in mind. “Desktop video conferencing allows for audio and video communication between multiple locations through users' personal computers”(Webster). In this research study Webster explain the importance of what causes the usage of desktop video conferencing. Not only the importance of it that but the satisfactory of video conferencing with others. In this article, the research study used to groups, one nonuser and the other daily user. The nonusers group suggested that it help them in catching others before they leave their desk, but there were those that felt uncomfortable using it also. One of the employees and a nonuser explain bye saying " I don't think I really want anyone checking to see if I'm sitting at my desk, you know what I mean"(Webster).

The second group was known as wary or daily users and these employees would initiate messages, but did not allow any access to their profile. The outcome founded that the employees that used it with their snapshot profile had the most calls from any outside costumers. This is an example of the how the businesses now have some kind of interpersonal relationship with outside customers and not actually being there in person.

The opportunity of study came for students using vide conferencing, in a small university in Ontario. Three times in a semester, "seven second-year courses were offered via video conferencing: two English courses and one each in political science, communication studies, history, psychology, and religious studies"(Armstrong-Stassen, Landstrom). The study had three independent variables (site, gender, course) and a control variable dealing with students' age and prior experiment. The dependent variable explains the attitude part, which was the tolerance of ambiguity. When the researches would test the student's attitudes toward video conferencing, the results were not what they expected. Unfortunately, mostly women were not excited to use them at the end of the semester. Though at the beginning they were more pleasurable of using video conferencing classes. This study also found that computer anxiety might exist for most prior experiences of computers.

The potential for webcam users has helped them have security and private relationships. At times webcam users may explore other ways of using them for their own individual satisfaction. In these articles it explained the use of surveillance in the working atmosphere or at home. Kim Kamando, author of "I See You”, describes the amount experiences of people using the webcam for surveillance. By doing this one "can set the webcam to go into "stealth monitoring mode" and secretly save the video images on your computer's hard drive for later viewing" (Kimando). Such users would put them out for baby sitters, in their home offices, and in the workplace. Webcam security is also small and hard to see, which makes security unnoticeable. Others have spoke of using webcams to allow people to inspect schools campuses. The author suggest that this idea of webcams on their website has been used for about five to ten years, but just has not been a priority. Though now they're trying to change that for students and students for the future.

Schools "often use them to provide beauty shots of the campus. Many are pointed at construction projects, so viewers can see the status of new stadiums or classroom buildings"(Carnevale). Another author clarified the use of webcams in the home has allowed the feeling of being safe for most user. An instillation around the house are used for "Webcams and can include alarms that send E-mail alerts about suspicious or unexpected events to a designated recipient"(Kahner). Now families feel a little more comfortable in their home because of the surveillance use of webcams.

Webcams allow surveillance of intimacy, and pornography, which fulfills viewers' desires. Normally people use webcams to communicate visibly, but now there intimately communicating in their own private ways. Having people watch your every second movement entertains most people to come back and watch again. The internet provides websites or your own web page made for private use of webcams. In the article "Watch Me", the author feels that "with the Internet, we are able to watch the daily habits of just about anyone who cares to share them. In many ways, this exposure of the self shifts the surveillance model"(Knight). Relationships on the internet is another topic that webcams has an effect on for the better. It has been researched that little under half of Americans today meet each other and have relationships from the internet. From what was learned in class, at beginning the internet allowed people to give their own self-presentation. It also gave a process of setting forth an image we want others to perceive us as, which can be harmful. Webcams now have eliminated the ideas of gender swapping, pseudonyms, and completely changing ones own identity. People who use webcams now can actually see the person so they know exactly how one is describing their selves.

An article describes the use of webcams for their own source of digital dating. For thy shy people or the people who are not good at communicating to strangers, they allow digital dating for people at bars. There are two separate rooms one for men and the other for women. In the rooms they have a computers and webcams connected to them. This is where people within the bar can go inside and talk to someone in the bar, without being really in person. "Online dating has warmed us to the idea of making digital love connections. "We think of it as a social lubricant that gets people interacting"(Hamilton), says the bartender that works there. Digital love connections are popular and have caused people to meet each other in their own comfort zone.

Out of the research that was studied the findings of how webcams and video conferencing has affected our society for the better were well explained. Students feel comfortable and useful within the classroom. Employees at work like the availability it gives for them and their clients or costumers. Store managers love to use webcams to protect their office area of thieves. Also, now the society has found a more comfortable way of dating and falling in love with the use of webcams. These are all great positive aspects of the internet technology, but have these webcams allowed any negative production. Unfortunately webcams do have a defect, which is that most of what is showing is two seconds slower of what had just happened. Also the actual visual that is shown is not quite clear as a normal camera. This can cause a lot of misperception for people who use it often. Video conferencing did have some flaws also. Students felt like they could never get well connected with the professors, because they were not actually there teaching the class. Also students did begin to develop computer anxiety, not wanting to use anything with a computer because they used it so much in school.

Though mainly, webcams and video conferencing has changed lives for the better. Webcams has made communication technology jump to a whole new level of interpersonal communication. What is of most interest is how has webcams given millions of people a new opportunity in finding love without meeting them in person? Also will this technology expand making things even easier and making Americans even lazier? Can it be true that America is finally turning into the "Jetsons"? If not we sure are getting close and webcams is just the start.

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