Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Essay on School

Essay on School

I. Area
I want to speak about why the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, a United States training ground of Latino America's soldiers should be closed.

II. Scope and Importance
A school that teaches Latino American soldiers tactics of repression, censorship, torture, imprisonment, exile or execution should be closed. Citizens of the United States need to known the true of teaching repressive techniques to Latino American soldiers, in United States soil is wrong. Alumni who graduated from the School of the Americas have been killing thousands of poor and voiceless Latino Americans. Latino American soldiers are not taught human rights; they are taught how to mastermind pain, destruction and misery to their own people. Labor organizers, educators, students, religious leaders and others are especially persecuted through military intelligence, counterinsurgency, and torture techniques to destabilize many nations in the American continent to keep dictatorships. The supporters of this school maintain that the mission of the school is to teach human rights and democratic techniques. However, the United State’s tax players pay the school expenses.

III. Focus
I will argue for closing of the school based on personal experience and for extensive research that I have begun to bring together. We need to see clearly our responsibility and the caliginous consequences of keeping the school open. When these soldiers graduate and return to their countries they immediately commit criminal acts against their own people. Then, years later these people of war most of the time end immigrating to the United States as political persecuted war refugees.


IV. Thesis, Statement and Division of the Argument
The idealistic idea of opening the School of the Americas in Panama in 1946 was to supposedly to promote stability in the region, to foster greater cooperation among the multinational military forces and, to expand the Latin American armed forces knowledge of U.S. customs and courtesies. However, the School of the Americas has been a training ground for Latino American soldiers who look down on their own people to repress, torture, kill or assassinate thousands of their fellow citizens. Then, the United States Government wants to keep the SOA open to continue de-stabilizing all the Latino American countries for their own economical interest.

V. Identify the Argument
My paper will principally be an argument of fact and policy. Facts and statistics of numerous crimes committed by the 60, 000 graduated alumni of the school will be included in my research. Which includes newspaper articles, books, magazine articles, a movie, and my own personal experience. I believe that closing the school is the best way to save to the people tax dollars and take an act of responsibility and stop promoting criminal acts against Latino Americans.

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